Definition of scene-stealer in US English:



  • 1An actor who outshines the rest of the cast, especially unexpectedly.

    • ‘The frequent scene-stealer is Ben Miller, who plays Eddie's sardonic caretaker, Soren.’
    • ‘The scene-stealer in Chocolat is Alfred Molina, who goes all out to create a character from the caricature he is presented with on paper.’
    • ‘The real scene-stealer is Ben Affleck, whose riveting supporting performance recalls Alec Baldwin's mesmerizing cameo in Glengarry Glenn Ross.’
    • ‘The two women's beaux are nondescript types and even veteran scene-stealer Coburn is no match for Monroe and Russell who dominate the screen in every scene they're in.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Andrea House is a scene-stealer as the lugubriously defiant Scottish maid.’
    • ‘In a supporting role, Michael Gambon is, as always, a scene-stealer.’
    • ‘As Carlo's mother-in-law, Anna, Sandrelli is the real scene-stealer, providing much of the film's comic relief in her hopeless efforts to have an affair.’
    • ‘He uses humor and gritty appeal to fertilize his growth as a budding scene-stealer.’
    • ‘She elicits big laughs throughout, making David's shy admirer almost grotesquely timid and inept, and in the process turning a minor character into a scene-stealer.’
    • ‘The 10-year-old actress who plays Suri in the movie was the scene-stealer of the day.’
    • ‘Comic relief is provided by character actor and resident scene-stealer Jeff York, as the lazy, good-for-nothing neighbor Bud Searcy.’
    • ‘Their act isn't for everyone, but there's no denying Spader and Shatner are well-matched scene-stealers.’
    • ‘Normally I can't stand those cheeky little scene-stealers trotting around on-screen as they make a general nuisance themselves.’
    • ‘But the actor who proved to be a scene-stealer was none other than Mehmood.’
    • ‘Hollywood's ultimate scene-stealer is still up to his old tricks.’
    • ‘The scene-stealer turns out to be Bad Santa's Tony Cox, who works in Santa's workshop as a double agent for the Kwanzaa Liberation Front.’
    • ‘The scene-stealer is Kevin Bacon which is interesting since his character is invisible for half of the movie.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the scene-stealer is Eugene Levy, whose deadpan portrayal of an uptight department store salesman is one of Serendipity's highlights.’
    • ‘Tony Cox's Marcus is perhaps the biggest scene-stealer in the entire film.’
    • ‘Curtis is the true scene-stealer, though, and shines from start to finish.’
    1. 1.1 A person or thing that takes more than their fair share of attention.
      • ‘Early season, it has been Swede Annika Sorenstam, easily the most dominant figure for the past 18 months, who has been the scene-stealer.’
      • ‘These are just the scene-stealers; there are also hundreds of smaller intricate designs such as figurines, jewelry and pottery.’
      • ‘Adam Scott, a 23-year-old Australian, is the most accomplished and unabashed scene-stealer in the game.’
      • ‘Judging from my mail, Rick's a real scene-stealer.’
      • ‘The red-coloured open-top Baby Austin of 1925 was a scene-stealer.’
      • ‘The scene-stealer, going by the thunderous applause, is a man swallowing three live fish swimming in water and, after a while, spitting them out alive!’
      • ‘The old pub here is full of movie memorabilia, but for me Silverton's real scene-stealers are two old Volkswagens.’
      • ‘Zinnias are scene-stealers so it's a challenge teaming them up with other plants.’
      • ‘Then came the scene-stealer - the superstar and megastar hugging each other - and the entire place exploded into brilliant silver as the flash bulbs kept popping frenziedly.’
      • ‘The grilled pancake with shrimp and leeks was the second scene-stealer of the night, though.’
      • ‘But the real scene-stealer is the grand topiary in the grounds - a wondrous, motionless stampede of green elephants and giraffes.’
      • ‘Actually, his entry was enough of a scene-stealer.’
      • ‘Not to be outdone by those political scene-stealers in California, the Democratic presidential candidates have their own debate tonight in New Mexico.’
      • ‘Too many patterns and dark jewel-tone colors turned the accent pillows into decorative scene-stealers.’
      • ‘Some of the scene-stealers of the evening were the dancing kids, who brought smiles all around.’



/sin ˈstilər/