Definition of scatological in US English:



  • Relating to or characterized by an interest in excrement and excretion.

    ‘scatological humor’
    ‘juvenile scatological obsessions’
    • ‘Interpretations of the scatological do not escape a moral economy of meaning.’
    • ‘The artist capitalizes on the corrosive etching process in each successive state until the finished print embodies the scatological essence of its message.’
    • ‘Intermittently enjoyable segments punctuate the generally underwhelming monotony of this scatological would-be musical.’
    • ‘The work is a violent political satire, largely couched in crude physiological terms, many of them scatological.’
    • ‘The boys spend their time on the computer, posting ingenuously scatological messages in anonymous chat rooms.’
    • ‘A lengthy sequence features a seven-year-old boy composing explicitly scatological emails.’
    • ‘This long satiric parable of a society where human beings find themselves transformed into monkeys recalls Swift in its ambition and scatological vigour.’
    • ‘You have to be careful when you incorporate breaking headlines into your scatological slapstick or surreal satire.’
    • ‘There's more to this game than scatological jokes.’
    • ‘He is upping the ante with a collection of scatological ditties that would make more than a few gangsta rappers blush.’