Definition of scarlet runner in US English:

scarlet runner

(also scarlet runner bean)


  • A twining bean plant with scarlet flowers and very long flat edible pods. Native to Central and South America, it is widely cultivated in North America.

    Phaseolus coccineus, family Leguminosae

    • ‘We cut our homegrown timber bamboo to build the tepee, then planted lots of scarlet runner beans.’
    • ‘Make a tee pee out of bamboo stakes and plant morning glories or scarlet runner beans.’
    • ‘A tepee covered with scarlet runner beans and a playhouse made of gigantic sunflowers are other whimsical ideas using plants that children love to grow.’
    • ‘He crossed the Atlantic three times to bring back the pineapple, the yucca, and the scarlet runner bean, along with the Virginia creeper whose green leaves go flame red in autumn.’
    • ‘Fast growing vines like hops or scarlet runner beans do the job in record time.’


scarlet runner

/ˈskärlət ˈrənər/