Definition of scarer in US English:



  • See scare

    • ‘New moves will be made this weekend by divers armed with sonar scarers used on fish farms to return him to the wild.’
    • ‘When you have half a dozen or so, drill a hole close to the edge in each disk, thread them with tarred-twine and tie them to a bamboo cane - they make excellent bird scarers.’
    • ‘Sound devices are loud and disturb people in the area, however, so take your neighbors' proximity into consideration when choosing an acoustical scarer.’
    • ‘She has high hopes but I'm concerned that it will clash somehow with the ultrasonic cat scarer that's still going strong out in the garden on a stick.’
    • ‘I thought I disguised my disappointment pretty well as I invited him to kneel down and take a look but he had rather gone off the boil by then and seemed more interested in throwing snowballs at the cat scarer.’