Definition of scapegoating in US English:



  • See scapegoat

    • ‘Elsewhere teaching and public sector unions, along with aid agencies, charities and student groups, have been prominent in challenging the scapegoating of refugees and their children.’
    • ‘‘The issue of marriage is not going to go away, and the Republican scapegoating of our community is not going to go away,’ he argued.’
    • ‘The sacrifice of the guilty victim through collective violence ends the crisis and founds a new order ordained by the divine. Violence and scapegoating are always present in the mythological definition of the divine itself.’
    • ‘In any event, preparing for the worst hardly belongs in the same category as social scapegoating or rushing ill-considered bills into law.’
    • ‘I think there's been a great deal of ignorance and a lot of scapegoating and a lot of fear about the existence of same-sex, loving relationships.’