Definition of scape in US English:



  • 1Botany
    A long, leafless flower stalk coming directly from a root.

    • ‘In October, the scapes put out flower heads that do not produce seed.’
    • ‘You also can propagate daylilies by removing and planting the proliferation (small plant) that may develop about halfway up a flower scape.’
    • ‘Rabbits occasionally eat young shoots in the spring, and sometimes bite off flower scapes.’
    • ‘Flowers rise above the foliage on a scape, and, as the name implies, last for only a day.’
    • ‘The eastern populations possessed smaller and fewer leaves and flowering scapes than the western populations.’
  • 2Entomology
    The basal segment of an insect's antenna, especially when it is enlarged and lengthened (as in a weevil).

    • ‘It consists of an end sac, a straight proximal tubule, a short distal tubule, and a raised nephropore, all in the scape of the chelifore.’
    • ‘Forelius sp. 1 is apparently an undescribed species, distinguishable from Forelius maccooki by the lack of erect setae on the antennal scapes (S. Cover, personal communication).’


Early 19th century: via Latin from Greek skapos ‘rod’; related to scepter.