Definition of scaly in US English:


adjectivescaliest, scalier

  • 1Covered in scales.

    • ‘They would have resembled a bison if not for their scaly skin.’
    • ‘National Pet Week is all about keeping our furry, feathered and scaly friends in the rudest possible health.’
    • ‘They had light-green scaly heads, necks, and powerful looking tails.’
    • ‘They sound like they're describing alien demons with cloven hooves and scaly talons.’
    • ‘‘Go to the stables,’ the reptilian woman continued, embracing the boy with her scaly wings.’
    • ‘The girl was visiting relatives in Manchester and it did not occur to her to travel without her scaly friend.’
    • ‘The creature before her came sinuously forward up out of the ditch, folding its wings back to its scaly sides, so incredibly intent.’
    • ‘As she stepped closer, the intelligent reptilian head and glittering scaly body became apparent.’
    • ‘Purple scales began at his waist and covered his lower body, which ended in the scaly tail of a snake.’
    • ‘We waded back to shore and had a good look at my gilled and scaly catch.’
    • ‘The creature, however, turns out to be a scaly sweetie-pie, who falls in love with her.’
    • ‘Salamanders have a smooth, moist skin which distinguishes them from lizards, which have a dry scaly skin.’
    • ‘The staircase is flanked on both sides by the scaly snake-like bodies of the nagas, whose fierce multiple heads form the banisters' bottoms.’
    • ‘They are perfectly ugly, perfectly cute, mini-dinosaurs, from their scaly heads to the tips of their thrashing tails.’
    • ‘There is no slobbering, scaly beast with a thousand fangs.’
    • ‘Oh joy - nothing like a scaly beast to brighten the holidays.’
    • ‘I shear away the scaly skin from the fish, trying to keep as much of it intact as I possibly can, but the membrane under the scales is fragile.’
    • ‘Laura was first out and saw the dragon's long scaly tail.’
    • ‘Its skin was a nasty shade of brown, covered in visible bumps and scars, even scaly.’
    • ‘Their riders, scaly humanoid creatures with reptilian features, watched the trees for any sign of moments.’
    squamate, squamose, squamous, lamellate, lamellar, lamelliform, lamellose
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    1. 1.1 (of skin) dry and flaking.
      • ‘It causes large red or purple patches on your skin, with scaly skin on top of them.’
      • ‘The rash has small and scaly white, pink, tan or dark spots.’
      • ‘It appears as nodules or as red or pink scaly patches, typically on the rim of the ear, lips, mouth or face, that can develop into large masses.’
      • ‘The borders represent the active edge of the lesion and may be raised or scaly.’
      • ‘Some are red, scaly and itchy, whereas others can produce a fine scale similar to dry skin.’
      • ‘We have heard from several readers that regular use of this spice seems to help control the itchy, scaly skin associated with psoriasis.’
      • ‘If dry, scaly legs have you running for cover, kick up your moisturizing regimen with a three-tiered attack.’
      • ‘Hand eczema can redden and crack hands, covering them with itchy, scaly patches.’
      • ‘This lesion presents as an annular plaque with a slightly raised and often scaly, advancing border and is commonly known as ringworm.’
      • ‘Most had badly scabbed and scaly feet and ankles due to a lack of clean water, proper bathing facilities or shoes.’
      • ‘Dry skin and scratching may result in a dermatitis when the skin becomes red in addition to dry and scaly.’
      • ‘That's why poor intake of almost any B vitamin can cause dry or scaly skin.’
      • ‘Psoriasis is a dry, scaly skin condition in which skin cells are reproduced too quickly.’
      • ‘Face it - dry, pasty, scaly skin doesn't exactly go with shorts and tees.’
      • ‘The rims of my eyelids are often a bit red and scaly.’
      • ‘Healed burns will be sensitive and have dry scaly skin, which may develop pigmental changes.’
      • ‘Cracked or scaly skin is unable to serve as an effective barrier against disease.’
      • ‘Solar keratoses, or ‘sunspots’, are small, red, flattish areas of scaly skin on the body that may sting if scratched.’
      • ‘All I got was a red scaly scalp and the hair shedding continued.’
      • ‘Psora is responsible for dry, scaly skin and is often referred to as ‘the Itch’.’
      dry, flaky, flaking, peeling, scurfy, rough, scabrous, mangy, scabious
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