Definition of scaloppine in US English:


plural noun

  • (in Italian cooking) thin, boneless slices of meat, typically veal, sautéed or fried.

    • ‘I just spent the better part of 30 minutes discussing the logistics of a good scallopini with The Friend in California.’
    • ‘Or use thickly sliced golden or green zucchini or scallopini.’
    • ‘The involtini, which is stuffed veal scaloppine, was the highlight for me - it showed real skill to balance the flavours.’
    • ‘Where scallopini is not available, thinly slice partially frozen turkey breast and pound between two pieces of waxed paper into 1/4-inch slices.’
    • ‘While Ford was eating his main course however, a delicately prepared pork scallopini with sun-dried tomatoes and a Burgundy sauce, the man in the black robes walked toward their table.’
    • ‘I had chosen the scallopini al limone, and it was perfect.’
    • ‘These include fillet steak, scaloppine, piccata and even roast beef.’
    • ‘In effect, the tenderloin becomes a big slab of scaloppine, which you can sauté in butter and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and a scattering of capers.’
    • ‘Each time one of these indie restaurants crops up along East Passyunk or around Rittenhouse Square, it begs the question: Is local love of homemade gnocchi and veal scaloppine boundless?’
    • ‘But it's mostly veal scallopini or veal Marsala; Caesar salad, clams oreganata.’


Italian, plural of scaloppina, diminutive of scaloppa ‘envelope’.