Definition of scaled in US English:



  • 1Covered with or made up of scales or overlapping plates resembling scales.

    ‘the specimen preserves scaled skin around the tail’
    in combination ‘small-scaled fish’
    • ‘It has a light breast with scaled patterning, white streaks along brown sides, and black and grey scaling on the nape of the neck.’
    • ‘Juveniles are light brownish-grey with lightly streaked breasts and scaled backs.’
    • ‘The next larger complete specimen is thinly but fully scaled with weakly ossified skull bones and may be classified as a juvenile.’
    • ‘It has fully scaled cheeks and gill covers, and the top of the head has few or no scales.’
    • ‘These blennies are cryptically colored or transparent, heavily scaled, and small.’
    • ‘The male has a scaled belly, black chin, and a big, black topknot sticking out of the top of his head.’
    • ‘There are studies on the vasculature of the scaled integument of lizards and snakes.’
    • ‘Kelpfishes, klipfishes, and scaled blennies are among the threatened species.’
    • ‘This quail has scaled underparts and brown sides.’
    • ‘An inversion line is conspicuous at the base of the scaled lobe of the caudal fin.’
    1. 1.1 (of an insect wing) covered with numerous microscopic tile-like structures.
      ‘mosquitoes have a pair of scaled wings’
      • ‘These two types of insects belong to the order Lepidoptera, which means 'scaled wings'.’
      • ‘The butterfly's scaled wings are different from the wings of any other insect.’
      • ‘The experimental investigations used rigid scaled insect wings to study kinematics.’
      • ‘The wings of Lepidoptera are minutely scaled, which feature gives the name to this order.’
      • ‘The four types of wings that exist among insects are membranous, scaled, leather-like, and horny.’
      • ‘Both orders produce flying insects with scaled wings.’
      • ‘They are gaudy diurnal insects with scaled wings that are large in proportion to body.’
      • ‘The model was used to simulate scaled fruit-fly wings in hover.’
      • ‘We will focus on 'complete' metamorphosis, the system promulgated by the order of the scaled wings.’
      • ‘The aerodynamic forces generated by rigid and flexible geometrically scaled hawkmoth wings were measured.’