Definition of scalar field in US English:

scalar field


  • A function of a space whose value at each point is a scalar quantity.

    • ‘The vibrations of the gravitational field in the rolled up extra space dimension would look to observers like vibrations in an electromagnetic field and a scalar field in the remaining three space and one time dimensions.’
    • ‘The conditions for inflationary behavior require that the scalar field time derivatives are small compared to the potential, so that most of the energy of the scalar field is in potential energy and not kinetic energy’
    • ‘A second example of a scalar field would be the value of the gravitational potential energy as a function of position.’
    • ‘There is also another attempt to solve the problems of Big Bang cosmology using a scalar field that never goes through an inflationary period at all, but evolves so slowly so that we observe it as being constant during our own era.’
    • ‘Central to inflation is a very early, tremendous burst of expansion, powered by the potential energy associated with a hypothetical scalar field called the inflation.’