Definition of scalable in English:



  • 1Able to be scaled or climbed.

    • ‘That mountain became a mite more scaleable ten minutes later, when once again Ward was on hand to take possession on the third phase and wiggle his way over for his second try of the afternoon.’
  • 2Able to be changed in size or scale.

    ‘scalable fonts’
    • ‘If the Metro rail is commercially viable, non-polluting and scalable for future needs, let us go ahead with it without further delay.’
    • ‘A product that is infinitely scalable should be able to ‘grow’ to accommodate an infinite increase in network size or network events.’
    • ‘There are 80 scaleable TrueType fonts installed and duplex is optional.’
    • ‘Luxi scalable fonts, both TrueType and Type 1, are part of the 4.2 release.’
    • ‘Modular and scalable capability supports small or large force packages of up to 1,200 people.’
    • ‘Ideally it is recommended that you leave the font size scalable so users can control the size they want.’
    • ‘It seems fairly open ended and scalable to the needs of the creatives that use it.’
    • ‘Current processes simply aren't scalable or robust enough to meet dramatically increasing demand.’
    • ‘The potential of these technologies is remarkable, but given that the ultimate aim is to create effective therapies that are affordable, scaleable and easy to deliver to many members of society, the business angle cannot be ignored.’
    • ‘Siercom's business continuity planning consultancy services are aimed at larger companies, but are scaleable to reflect size and specific needs.’
    • ‘By looking beyond your short-term needs and cash flow to the bigger picture, you can ensure you have a truly scalable IT infrastructure that is able to grow with your organisation.’
    • ‘The models are scalable in size, and the laundry list of options is immense.’
    • ‘You can create some very unusual scalable fonts for use in E.’
    • ‘PVR has a scalable buffer size for the time shifting function of up to 3 hours.’
    1. 2.1 (of a computing process) able to be used or produced in a range of capabilities.
      ‘it is scalable across a range of systems’
      • ‘It consists of kernel-level, adaptive resource sharing algorithms that are geared for high performance, overhead free scalability and ease of use of a scalable computing cluster.’
      • ‘Another processor, with scalable memory bandwidth, runs more EDA simulation projects without even affecting the first.’
      • ‘Additionally, it is designed for scalable parallel processing.’
      • ‘Its scalable design allows the game to run on a low end video card without trouble, but at the sacrifice of visual quality.’
      • ‘The system adopted by banks should be robust, scalable and upgradable, he added.’
      • ‘These are also euphemistically called scalable parallel, massively parallel, or cluster computers.’
      • ‘Upon successful completion of the patch testing, we develop our deployment notification to customers and then launch the patches via scalable automated processes.’
      • ‘In that time, a variety of advances made by the Linux development community and system vendors has enabled a whole new class of scalable computers running Linux.’
      • ‘Since then, we've seen the rise of internet-based applications and thin commodity servers, and a whole new model of open, scalable, distributed computing built upon Linux.’
      • ‘A scalable software system is, in brief, one that can easily expand to handle more transactions or other sorts of throughput.’
      • ‘The software is scalable to allow really large clusters to be built, and is easy to configure.’
      • ‘They make probably the finest user-friendly enterprise scalable office software in the world.’
      • ‘Demand for low-cost, flexible and scalable optical networking systems which can be adapted to fit into existing telecoms infrastructure has been high since the mid-1990s internet explosion.’
      • ‘You get there by combining robust scalable PC applications with Internet connectivity and WiFi.’
      • ‘This unique technology application will produce an advanced scalable platform designed to meet an extraordinary range of storage requirements.’
      • ‘Suddenly there's a real motive toward making that wireless access point a platform, with a modular, scalable, PC operating system.’
      • ‘There is no better example of a scalable infrastructure than the Internet.’
      • ‘Another is that Linux is highly scalable, modular and flexible - which makes it well-suited to the extreme diversity of embedded systems.’
      • ‘We knew we had to create a scalable, systematic process to ensure we maintained our accuracy in revenue recognition.’
      • ‘However, the rapid increase in the number of internet users combined with the expected growth in the number of wireless internet devices requires a scalable and flexible IP technology to accommodate such fast growth.’
  • 3technical Able to be measured or graded according to a scale.