Definition of sayyid in US English:



  • 1A Muslim claiming descent from Muhammad, especially through Husayn, the prophet's younger grandson.

    • ‘All the other small details will be settled within the family and with the blessings of the Sayid.’
    • ‘This pattern in the Islamic movement emphasizes the effectiveness of the traditional network of ulama or sayyids based on their sacredness, nobility of origin, or salvation of the soul.’
    • ‘The black-turbaned man with outsized feet, hands, girth, and ambition is a Sayyid, a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.’
    • ‘But regarding the political position, it's the responsibility of the Sayyid himself.’
    1. 1.1 A respectful Muslim form of address.
      • ‘But Sayyid Al-Husseini, a farmer in Mahaweel, 50 miles south of Baghdad, scoffs at that.’


Arabic, literally ‘lord, prince’.