Definition of sawlog in US English:


(also saw log)


  • A felled tree trunk suitable for cutting up into timber.

    • ‘It's the old growth forests that produce the best sawlogs and the best veneer.’
    • ‘The other 50 per cent of the sawlogs are sold on the open market through the log sort yard.’
    • ‘If nothing is done about this the trees will never attain their potential value as high quality sawlog and may only be suited to the low value firewood market.’
    • ‘Only a minority are cut into sawlog and made into high value furniture, flooring or building materials.’
    • ‘While the delimber has removed the quality sawlogs and peelers from the hardwood, the tangled mass of low-grade logs and tops left behind can be a challenging diet for the chipper infeed.’
    • ‘In addition to sawlogs and veneer bolts, Larry can make four-foot pulp logs, which are collected and eventually shipped to a hardwood pulp mill in nearby Nackawic.’
    • ‘Like most family forestland owners, Massie is tending the hardwoods and walnuts he has planted in hopes that his grandchildren will eventually harvest some sawlogs.’
    • ‘This gave the company a steady cash flow and allowed it to make use of sawlogs from low grade forest stands that were not attractive to other forestry contractors.’
    • ‘This clearfell destruction will produce 3,000 cubic metres of sawlogs, most to be used to make pallets and fence palings, and 4,000 cubic metres of trees to be wood chipped and shipped to Japan to be made into paper products.’
    • ‘Chipping appetites reached new levels late last year when a leaked memo revealed Forestry Tasmania instructing contractors to put sawlogs through the chipper.’
    • ‘Instead of harvesting a few big trees to maximize sawlogs, each tree is carefully chosen to create openings, leaving trees of various sizes in clumps.’
    • ‘The majority of high value sawlogs for floors and furniture manufacture come from older trees.’
    • ‘Woodlots are an important source of raw material for the forest industry, and the income from pulpwood, sawlogs and other forest products helps ensure economic stability for many rural communities.’
    • ‘The proposal is to develop an industry to remove large camphor laurels for sawlogs, use the residue for power generation in an existing sugar mill during the off season, and replace the camphor laurel trees with native species.’
    • ‘The Regional Forest Agreement guarantees a supply of sawlogs to the industry.’
    • ‘Last month the Victorian government announced that the number of sawlogs allowed to be pulled out of the State's forests will be cut by a third.’
    • ‘I can follow a narrow, winding path in hardwood and extract large, high value sawlogs without damaging the residual trees.’
    • ‘In addition to sawlogs and traditional forest products, huge tracts of land could be managed for wildlife, recreation, and eco-services such as carbon sequestration and water retention.’