Definition of sawdust in US English:



  • Powdery particles of wood produced by sawing.

    • ‘Some are made from coal, wood, or sawdust, while others are made from peach pits, olive pits, or coconut shells.’
    • ‘Use sand, straw, sawdust or plastic sheeting along the ground to prevent mud splashes.’
    • ‘Anything left in the room will be covered with a layer of sawdust from sanding.’
    • ‘The smell of sawdust and fresh wood permeated the little store with a cheery sense of renewal.’
    • ‘Once all the scoring is complete, thoroughly clean the floors removing all sawdust, dirt and oils from the floor.’
    • ‘Periodically saturated sand or sawdust should be scraped away and fresh, clean material put in place.’
    • ‘Its walls are of clay baked in sawdust, which means the house has a natural air and heat system that regulates itself naturally.’
    • ‘My closet shelf had a large semi-circle chewed out of it, and sawdust and wood shavings covered all my clothes.’
    • ‘Innovative use of scraps and sawdust make the best use of wood for panels, hybrid products, etc.’
    • ‘It's a small pub, with sawdust on the floor and wood paneling aged with a century's worth of beer.’
    • ‘Burning the wood or using its sawdust and ash is also strongly discouraged.’
    • ‘Dirt, weeds and sawdust adhere to the paint, forming porous cavities and rough, spongelike surfaces.’
    • ‘The pictures comprise coloured sawdust, dried flowers and wood.’
    • ‘Traction material like sand or sawdust creates a safe surface and is environmentally friendly.’
    • ‘Fallen trees lay everywhere, along with a substrate of splintered wood and sawdust.’
    • ‘Fill nursery flats or wood boxes with dry peat moss, sawdust, or wood shavings.’
    • ‘If you add a quantity of, say, fresh sawdust to your garden soil, chances are your plants will suffer from a lack of nitrogen.’
    • ‘As the wood is cut, the heaviest sawdust is sucked down into the small bag.’
    • ‘Bark, wood chips or sawdust work, but avoid stone or brick chips because they absorb and reflect heat.’
    • ‘One of the by-products of working with wood is, obviously, sawdust.’