Definition of saw-whet owl in US English:

saw-whet owl


  • A small North and Central American owl with a call that resembles the sound of a saw blade being sharpened.

    Genus Aegolius, family Strigidae: two species, in particular the North American A. acadicus

    • ‘The Boreal Owl is most likely to be confused with the Northern Saw-whet Owl but lacks brown in the face, has a pale bill, has a dark border to the face and darker brown upperparts.’
    • ‘In the northern saw-whet owl the female may reach 150% of her non-breeding body mass while egg-laying!’
    • ‘The next day Amber and I had our owl prowl so mom and Terri got to watch the class and come out with us as we took the class to see a northern saw-whet owl.’
    • ‘Various factors are likely to contribute to migration patterns of saw-whet owls.’
    • ‘This saw whet owl was injured when a strong wind pushed it into the side of a high-rise building.’