Main definitions of savoy in English

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(also savoy cabbage)


  • A cabbage of a hardy variety with densely wrinkled leaves.

    • ‘My rack of lamb was baked to perfection and nestled on a bed of peppered savoy and sliced potatoes, augmented by a delicious rosemary and orange jus.’
    • ‘‘Savoy Express’ is the earliest savoy cabbage, just perfect for that crispy slaw or cabbage salad, and each 1-1 1/2 pound head can be spaced only 12 inches apart.’
    • ‘The savoy cabbage, not being as crunchy as regular cabbage, has more of a chewy texture and fits in very well with the other flavors.’
    • ‘Delicate skate in a grainy mustard sauce is bolstered by a forceful bed of savoy cabbage and water chestnuts.’
    • ‘Leaves often have a ruffled surface like a savoy cabbage.’
    • ‘Try seared seabass with butternut squash purée, chicory and white bean sauce, and roast venison with confit savoy cabbage and tarragon mash.’
    • ‘Daringly under-cooked, quickly stir-fried broccoli, green leek and savoy cabbage make a good alternative for people who feel cheated unless there's extra veg on the side.’
    • ‘It was perfectly complemented by a risotto of sorrel and wild mushrooms, leek cream, savoy cabbage and truffle dressing.’
    • ‘My main course, saddle of rabbit with white beans and savoy cabbage, would have been improved by a bunny that had seen a bit more of the world.’
    • ‘A steamy bowl of country soup made with farro and shreds of savoy cabbage arrived after that, and then a dish of squid salad doused with garlic, soft chickpeas, and a dressing that tasted pleasingly of lemons and tahini.’
    • ‘Instead of being stuck with showy herbs and bombed with sweet sauces, his pork is marinated in olive oil, then plated in neatly grilled slices on a mound of savoy cabbage speckled with fennel seeds.’
    • ‘A strange roulade of smoked and fresh-cooked salmon with savoy cabbage and crushed potatoes in a light caraway broth seemed a little less strange when you pulled the two preparations of fish apart.’
    • ‘Two more courses whetted the appetite for the roast, which was a venison rack with savoy cabbage, a pancetta ham basket filled with mousseline potatoes on a venison reduction.’
    • ‘There was a nice waxy potato and onion gratin, stir-fried savoy cabbage, sweet roast carrots, quite acceptable courgette and mangetout.’
    • ‘Fillet of beef with a chive and mustard crust on a stir-fry of savoy cabbage, shitake mushrooms and smoky bacon, herb potatoes, and toast carrots with a sun-dried tomato, basil sauce.’
    • ‘I am still dithering over whether this would best be accompanied by savoy cabbage or French beans.’
    • ‘The savoy cabbage had been pulled earlier that day.’
    • ‘And a hefty braised pork chop with carrots, savoy cabbage, and fingerling potatoes is just the kind of comfort food we crave now.’
    • ‘Spinach and fancy cabbages like crinkled-leaf savoy were also popular, as were specialty corns, such as popping corn.’
    • ‘Serve the scallops on top of a mound of garlicky hummus or buttery savoy cabbage.’


Late 16th century: from Savoy.




Main definitions of savoy in English

: savoy1Savoy2


proper noun

  • An area of southeastern France that borders on northwestern Italy, a former duchy ruled by the counts of Savoy from the 11th century.