Definition of save the day (or situation) in US English:

save the day (or situation)


  • Find or provide a solution to a difficulty or disaster.

    • ‘You're the one who swooped in and saved the day.’
    • ‘A strong president, a good president, would put his country before his pride and throw himself into saving the situation even if it meant admitting previous mistakes and ditching past policies and advisors.’
    • ‘What saves the day, as always, are some haunting performances that transcend the play's problems.’
    • ‘The quick intervention in the supply of farm inputs by Government after the dismal performance by the private sector has saved the situation.’
    • ‘And if someday your organization is in the midst of an expensive dispute, and you provide the piece of electronic evidence that saves the day - well, that's priceless.’
    • ‘When my devout mother heard my story, she knew at once that prayer had saved the day; my anxious father wasn't so sure, not being a great believer himself.’
    • ‘Foreign students did indeed save the situation; they provided 15 per cent of university revenues.’
    • ‘It is highly unlikely that pro-marriage reforms will save the day.’
    • ‘They say that only a strong political will and harsh administrative steps can save the situation from deteriorating further.’
    • ‘In horror films, girls run away screaming and some guy comes in and saves the day.’