Definition of save someone's skin (or neck) in US English:

save someone's skin (or neck)


  • Rescue someone from danger or difficulty.

    • ‘He could easily be stringing them a yarn, hoping to save his own neck.’
    • ‘But sometimes, regardless of what players say in the press, they don't want to save the manager's skin.’
    • ‘Never before can we remember a Secretary of State standing up in the Commons to attack the employees of his own department in order to save his own neck.’
    • ‘I grew up in a rough part of Birmingham, and being able to explore drama and outdoor pursuits saved my neck.’
    • ‘There are times and places where blending in can save your skin, but day to day, why waste your precious time on the superficial when it doesn't make you happy?’
    • ‘Her moving speech not only saved the pig's skin, but also resulted in a countywide policy prohibiting the slaughter of animals raised at public schools.’
    • ‘They used every trick in the manual to portray him as a corporate fat cat who cared only about saving his skin.’
    • ‘Wouldn't you rather be in a car that was designed from the ground up to be as safe as possible, rather than rely on raw physics to save your skin?’
    • ‘He can hold his breath for three minutes - a skill that probably saved his skin back in '96 when he got pinned under a waterfall on the Potomac River and nearly drowned.’
    • ‘Last week the manager himself revealed that it may well have been a crucial intervention by several senior players which saved his neck.’
    rescue, come to someone's rescue, save someone's life, come to someone's aid
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