Definition of save someone's bacon in US English:

save someone's bacon


  • Rescue someone from danger or difficulty.

    ‘only hard braking and a quick turn on to the hard shoulder saved our bacon’
    • ‘Huddersfield's was the last game to finish - but they could not find the equaliser that would have saved their bacon at Palace's expense.’
    • ‘By Wednesday, the player, or at least his advisers, were having a go at presenting him as the man who had intervened to save the nation's bacon.’
    • ‘Nobody likes backing up, but one day, it'll save your bacon.’
    • ‘For once, a movie actually saves the novelist's bacon.’
    • ‘Bishop's response is exactly what Johnston wants: he hopes information technology will save the company's bacon.’
    • ‘Both teams had chances to win the game but crucial defensive work by John Lee and Keith Kilkenny saved Galway's bacon.’
    • ‘"Having those irrigated fields in Maine has really saved our bacon over the past few years, as we've had to deal with repeated droughts."’
    • ‘The gallant understudy, who saved the company's bacon by taking over the role of Goneril, has been denied the reviews that might have done her career the world of good.’
    • ‘Members opposite will say absolutely anything to save their political bacon.’
    • ‘His father, a former partisan commander, saved his bacon.’