Definition of save one's breath in US English:

save one's breath


  • Stop wasting time in futile talk.

    ‘save your breath; I know all about it’
    • ‘So these guys were the smart ones, getting it printed on t-shirts to save their breath for running.’
    • ‘He apologises for his behaviour but she tells him to save his breath.’
    • ‘It makes no difference what he says; for all the effect it has, he might as well save his breath.’
    • ‘He should heed his own statement from today and save his breath until he has something substantive to say.’
    • ‘Kendall should save her breath because she's not going to change her mind.’
    • ‘The candidates, they suggested, should save their breath for the economy and health care.’
    • ‘Fans go out their way to give their opinion on the calls, but they might as well save their breath.’
    • ‘I could talk about the reason for a whole day but I am really tired of it and I'll save my breath here.’
    • ‘And all those Canadians who are constantly pleading with me to stay might as well save their breath.’
    • ‘He's telling her to save her breath and not tell him things he's already heard her say.’