Definition of savannah sparrow in US English:

savannah sparrow


  • A small sparrow common throughout most of North America.

    Passerculus sandwichensis, Family Emberizidae

    • ‘The town had fewest species, but many of these showed larger numbers here than in the other ecosystems, e.g., semipalmated sandpipers, horned larks, savannah sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, and Lapland longspurs.’
    • ‘Wheelwright and Mauck found that first-time breeding savannah sparrows settled farther from their natal site if it was still occupied by the parent of opposite sex.’
    • ‘I found two separate indigo bunting territories, heard a rose-breasted grosbeak singing in the distance as well as the song of a savannah sparrow in a nearby field.’
    • ‘Semipalmated sandpipers, savannah sparrows, white-crowned sparrows, and Lapland longspurs were all abundant, especially along the overgrown edges of ditches amongst the houses.’


savannah sparrow

/səˈvanə ˌsperō/