Definition of Saudi in English:



  • Relating to Saudi Arabia or its ruling dynasty.

    • ‘While the oil-rich sheikhs and Saudi princes are treated like, well, royalty, what are those lowlier types in business and economy class eating?’
    • ‘Withdrawals by Saudi investors may amount to $200 billion, adding to the recent decline in the value of the US currency.’
    • ‘As a new rule, all Saudi visitors to the US are interviewed, fingerprinted and photographed upon arrival.’
    • ‘The president was accused during last year's presidential campaign of being too cozy with Saudi officials.’
    • ‘When universities in Saudi Arabia began opening in the 1960s, the number of Saudi students abroad decreased.’
    • ‘That oil would diminish US dependence on Saudi energy exports.’
    • ‘These fields, which may account for two-thirds of total Saudi production, have pumped out a tremendous amount of oil by now.’
    • ‘But Indians work there as employees of Kuwaiti or Saudi companies.’
    • ‘The first oil was produced in the 1930s and in the 1940s and '50s Saudi oil exports began to bring in colossal wealth.’
    • ‘The theme park was bailed out by Saudi royalty ten years ago and the company's future is again dependent on its shareholders.’
    • ‘I am very concerned about the likely world-wide depression that would ensue if the world were to be cut off from Saudi crude.’
    • ‘I used to sneak into bars when I was 18 with some Saudi princes who were studying in the States.’
    • ‘A team of 50 Saudi doctors have successfully separated Polish conjoined twins in an operation that took 18 hours.’
    • ‘A group of Saudi men gather in front of a store in Jeddah.’
    • ‘‘It is like an old company challenged by modernization,’ says one Saudi professional.’
    • ‘Until 1964, Saudi girls were not allowed to go to school.’
    • ‘According to the movie, these Saudi investors own about 7 percent of the U.S. economy.’
    • ‘Many are contemplating anew what would happen if Saudi oil supplies were interrupted, even temporarily.’
    • ‘If the two million barrels that Iraq is still managing to pump every day were threatened, more pressure would fall on Saudi supplies.’
    • ‘In the wake of the attacks, two certainties that formed the bedrock of Saudi society have been shaken.’


  • A citizen of Saudi Arabia, or a member of its ruling dynasty.

    • ‘This same fear led the Saudis and Egyptians to push for early termination of the war.’
    • ‘The Saudis have been playing both sides of this issue.’
    • ‘Problems such as these, as well as drastic cultural differences, have limited the number of marriages between Saudis and Americans.’
    • ‘The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was a blow to the Saudis ' hard-won hegemony - the greatest threat since Nasser.’
    • ‘A mass exodus of Western oil technicians could also have a long-term impact on the Saudis ' ability to manage their industry.’
    • ‘But the Saudis need oil prices to stay around $24 to keep their economy humming.’
    • ‘Egyptians, Saudis, Syrians, etc. would describe themselves as ‘Arab’.’
    • ‘Harry St John Philby had set his heart on being the first and had spent years preparing himself through gruelling camel journeys and careful political negotiations with the Saudis.’
    • ‘Would ordinary Saudis do better with a British style limited constitutional monarchy or an unlimited democracy?’
    • ‘While Fahd and his family enjoyed the excesses of Western life, they insisted that Saudis adhere to the Wahhabi puritanical strain of Islam.’
    • ‘They're Iranians and Syrians and Saudis and Egyptians, but the core of them are the dissatisfied people who were disenfranchised.’
    • ‘The official language of Saudi Arabia, spoken by virtually all Saudis, is Arabic.’
    • ‘On October 20th, 1973, the Saudis at last took the fateful step so long feared.’
    • ‘Don't forget that these were the days of Iranian revolution, which frightened the Saudis also.’
    • ‘The prince understands that forcing the U.S. into a recession makes Americans buy less gasoline, causing the Saudis to make less money.’
    • ‘They wanted to create an atmosphere in which the Arab leaders would back the Saudis.’
    • ‘These claims have been angrily denied by the Saudis.’
    • ‘With luck, the Americans and the Saudis will ride out this scary period.’
    • ‘Companies are just not creating enough jobs, despite intense pressure to hire Saudis instead of South Asians and other expatriates.’
    • ‘The oil companies contend there may be too little gas under some of the tracts to justify the billions of dollars worth of installations that the Saudis want.’


From the name of Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud( 1880–1953), first king of Saudi Arabia.