Definition of Saturnian in US English:



  • 1Relating to the planet Saturn.

    • ‘Surely Dee's studies were such as to qualify him as a Saturnian, a representative of the Renaissance revaluation of melancholy as the temperament of inspiration.’
    • ‘This brings the unofficial count of Saturnian moons to 30, two more than the tally of Jupiter, the biggest planet of our solar system.’
    • ‘At an emotional press conference, the Huygens mission team announced that their probe has started to send experimental data back from the surface of Saturnian moon, Titan.’
    • ‘If life does exist on the Saturnian moon, the evidence might have been recorded by the Huygens probe when it landed on Titan on 14 January.’
    • ‘The Huygens probe has travelled 789 million miles to the Saturnian system tethered to the Cassini spacecraft.’
    • ‘Cassini has snapped some stunning shots on its meanderings through the Saturnian system, but this one is a corker, even by its high standards.’
    • ‘Cassini has found another Saturnian moon with an atmosphere: this time, it is Enceladus.’
    • ‘The major mission I am involved with, Cassini, is five-and-a-half years into its seven-year journey to the Saturnian system.’
  • 2

    another term for saturnine
    • ‘Even in the midst of Saturnian limitations to our homes, economy, security and even our homes there is an expanding ray of light.’
    • ‘Other positive characteristics of the Saturnian type are what may be termed the good old-fashioned values of courtesy, decorum, and propriety.’
    • ‘There is nothing extraordinary about a parent having both a charming, lovable Venusian side and a withdrawn Saturnian side or a demanding Plutonian side.’
    • ‘By placing their focus too strongly on observable reality, a negative Saturnian type may be driven by materialist gain to the detriment of building comforting and supportive relationships.’