Definition of sattvic in US English:



  • (in Ayurveda) denoting a class of foods that are fresh, juicy, light, nourishing, and tasty, and thus give necessary energy to the body and help achieve balance.

    Compare rajasic, tamasic
    • ‘Holistic living consists of eating sattvic food, conquering and channeling inner desires and following the instructions of the Supreme Lord.’
    • ‘Ayurveda suggests sattvic food as the one which purifies the mind and satiates the body.’
    • ‘According to the Vedas, it is not heredity that determines who is a brahmin, but rather, sattvic character and noble actions.’
    • ‘Delicious prasadam, or blessed food, and healthy, sattvic lunches provided further opportunities for discussion and cultural exchange.’
    • ‘In relation to diet, junk and processed food is tamasic, spicy food is rajasic and fresh vegetables are sattvic.’