Definition of satisfied in US English:



  • Contented; pleased.

    ‘satisfied customers’
    ‘she was very satisfied with the results’
    • ‘She studied him several seconds before giving a satisfied nod.’
    • ‘Salesmen love repeat business from satisfied customers, because it's all pay and no work!’
    • ‘Mack swallowed the alcohol with a satisfied gulp before nodding.’
    • ‘Get letters from satisfied customers and post them on your site.’
    • ‘Patrick gave me a satisfied nod, and then changed the subject of our conversation.’
    • ‘It's a food that can leave us full, satisfied and happy.’
    • ‘If satisfied with their findings, the family will then consult an astrologer to set a date.’
    • ‘Ray seemed far from satisfied with the answer he had just received.’
    • ‘Having a satisfied customer tell others how great your business is can reap tremendous rewards.’
    • ‘He nodded as if satisfied with his answer or perhaps with his work and stacked the remaining papers neatly on the desk.’
    • ‘Snickering, he hid a satisfied smile and nodded in reply.’
    • ‘A satisfied and happy customer will tell two of his or her friends, while a dissatisfied and unhappy customer will tell 10.’
    • ‘Nothing generates great word of mouth like a satisfied customer.’
    • ‘Don't make a scene, but the hairdresser, owner or manager needs to know you're not a satisfied customer.’
    • ‘She seemed quite satisfied and proud of herself for some reason.’
    • ‘The best way to show your prospective customers what you can do for them is through testimonials from satisfied customers.’
    • ‘The company also added that they served thousands of satisfied customers every year.’
    • ‘Many companies regard satisfied customers as their best form of advertising.’
    • ‘With a satisfied nod, I returned to my bed to sleep some more.’
    • ‘Consequently, the garage we worked at had many long standing, satisfied customers and more work than we could cope with.’
    pleased, well pleased, happy, content, contented
    fulfilled, gratified, appeased, assuaged
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