Definition of satin stitch in US English:

satin stitch


  • A long straight embroidery stitch, closely placed parallel to similar stitches, giving the appearance of satin.

    • ‘When a design has both fill and satin stitched areas, stitch the fill parts as normal, stop the machine and insert the foam just before stitching the satin stitches.’
    • ‘With a 2 mm satin stitch and black thread, stitch the whiskers.’
    • ‘Chain stitch is widely used, also satin stitch and stem stitch.’
    • ‘The minimum letter heights listed below are for sans serif, block letters, sewn in a satin stitch.’
    • ‘With a 3 mm satin stitch and black thread, appliqué the dog head, beginning with the fur layers closest to the lower edge and continuing upward.’
    • ‘With a 2 mm satin stitch and red thread, stitch the ladybug antennae.’
    • ‘Begin with an ornament design or an appliqué shape bordered with satin stitches.’
    • ‘The same satin stitch can be used to make circles or lines on a patch.’
    • ‘Instead of using the satin stitch, which can ripple, lengthen the stitch slightly so it's not so dense.’
    • ‘The stitches must support themselves once the stabilizer is removed, therefore the design needs to begin with running stitches (base stitches), and then have satin stitches added to hold the design together.’
    • ‘Adjust the machine for a satin stitch - a dense zigzag stitch.’
    • ‘That the panel on the easy chair is in satin stitch and Mr. Holzer's is in tent stitch cannot obscure the amazing similarities of these two extremely rare upholstery masterpieces.’
    • ‘Ann's sampler design goes well beyond the usual marking sampler in complexity and also demonstrates her familiarity with needlework by the extensive use of satin stitches in addition to the basic cross stitch.’
    • ‘The two layers were too thick for the machine to handle doing a close stitch, such as a satin stitch; it would not move through the machine, but wanted to stay in one place, causing a little knot of thread on the back side.’
    • ‘A common error among home sewers is always making buttonholes with close satin stitches.’
    • ‘He painted designs for richly embroidered ecclesiastical vestments that required satin stitch and raised work in metallic and silk threads.’