Definition of sassy in English:



  • Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

    • ‘Hazel is an English rose who is graceful, elegant and sassy.’
    • ‘In other words this is sassy, bold, sophisticated cooking.’
    • ‘She took a few sassy steps forward and then stopped in the middle of the space between them all.’
    • ‘It has a cutting-edge modernity and sassy, youthful energy.’
    • ‘I think you'll really like this girl - she's smart, sophisticated, and sassy - but not too sassy.’
    • ‘With a smart, sassy script and a winning lead performance, the film is virtually impossible to dislike.’
    • ‘Toni, her best friend, was smart and sassy, liked to pretend she was a hard nut, though underneath it all, she was a hopeless romantic.’
    • ‘She manages a brash, confident, and sassy manner that works well in the part, but is not overdone to the point of being unwelcome.’
    • ‘Smart and sassy becomes smarmy and crass at the touch of the middlebrow.’
    • ‘This pig-tailed cutie grew up to be a sassy, soul-singing beauty.’
    • ‘Here we have a mother and daughter duo with tight clothes and sassy attitudes who are forever searching for men.’
    • ‘The film is smart, sassy, and thoroughly enjoyable, and features one of the most endearing and believable characters to grace the screen this year.’
    • ‘She was smart, cute, sassy, and I fell for her fast - a once in a lifetime whirlwind romance, you know?’
    • ‘The sets and atmosphere are dingy, with performers dressed in jeans and sneakers and leather jackets, and conveying a sassy, modern manner in their characters' persona.’
    • ‘Pop songs sung by female teen vocalists became associated with sassy dance moves and flashy midriffs.’
    • ‘She was smart, sassy and beautiful - and there has never been a voice to equal hers on the pop music scene.’
    • ‘Her vocals are alternately sassy, playful and scolding, though they always retain a composure that makes them more detached than outrightly emotional.’
    • ‘She was career-orientated, she was smart, she was sassy and confident.’
    • ‘It's funny, it's smart, it's endearing and it's a little sassy too.’
    • ‘Taureans can be as wild and sassy, bad and brilliant, fast and smart as anyone when they care to.’
    impudent, impertinent, insolent, presumptuous, forward, pert, bold, bold as brass, brazen, brazen-faced, shameless, audacious, overfamiliar, irreverent, discourteous, disrespectful, insubordinate, impolite, bad-mannered, ill-mannered, unmannerly, mannerless, rude, insulting
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Mid 19th century: variant of saucy.