Definition of sash weight in US English:

sash weight


  • A weight attached by a cord to each side of a window sash to balance it at any height.

    • ‘Sash cord is the woven cotton rope that was used to hold sash weights in old fashioned windows.’
    • ‘Another interesting mechanism, which can often be used as a useful dating guide, is the sash pulley itself, i.e. the wheel which the cord passes over, and which is attached to the sash weight.’
    • ‘What is the best knot to use to fasten a sash weight to the sash cord so it won't fall off?’
    • ‘The bridge was constructed so that concrete counterweights in each tower raised the span, acting much as sash weights do in an old double-hung window.’
    • ‘The weight of the nail is enough to allow the cord to easily get to the bottom of the window so you can attach the sash weight.’


sash weight

/ˈsaSH ˌwāt/