Definition of sarus crane in US English:

sarus crane


  • A large red-headed crane found from India to the Philippines.

    Grus antigone, family Gruidae

    • ‘Once in a while, while driving trough the rural areas of Northern India, one might come across to a memorable sight; a Sarus Crane, the tallest flying bird in the world.’
    • ‘Favoured by brolgas, sarus cranes and black-necked storks, its lagoons were created from excess irrigation water.’
    • ‘The emus are four months old and the sarus crane is six months old.’
    • ‘There are motorcycles, the odd tractor, some hand-pumps, a flock of the most serene sarus cranes by the side of a pond.’
    • ‘Some species pair for life, the most celebrated example being the tall stately sarus crane, which graces the green fields of North India.’


Mid 19th century: sarus from Sanskrit sārasa.


sarus crane

/ˈsärəs ˌkrān/