Definition of sarge in US English:



  • Sergeant.

    • ‘‘Jack thinks the sarge is spying on us,’ David breathed back.’
    • ‘But no matter how much the Sarge bawled him out, Gomer remained Gomer, someone who believed in the virtues of goodness and niceness, even as the world threatened to blow itself to bits.’
    • ‘Well, the sarge is just as scared as the rest of us, and joking around isn't going to help him any.’
    • ‘So, with a bottle of scotch as old as I was in hand, I went over to Grandpa's house for a conversation and a probable tongue lashing from the sarge.’
    • ‘The sarge with the enormous hooter noted details and read it back.’
    • ‘His brother in law gets into major trouble and it's up to the sarge to get him out of it.’
    • ‘Guilt by innuendo and tch-tch-ing at the supposed loose morals of the girl in question just might get the sarge off the hook.’
    • ‘Don't talk about that here, boys, or I'll have to report you to the sarge.’
    • ‘I had become a soldier and could really look the old sarge in the face.’


Mid 19th century: abbreviation.