Definition of sarcolemma in US English:



  • The fine transparent tubular sheath which envelops the fibers of skeletal muscles.

    • ‘Desmin and vinculin are functionally related proteins that are present in the membrane-associated dense bodies in the sarcolemma of the smooth muscle cells.’
    • ‘The usual position of skeletal muscle nuclei and the discovery of the sarcolemma is credited to Bowman.’
    • ‘EC coupling occurs at specialized regions where the intracellular sarcoplasmic reticulum forms junctions with the sarcolemma or, more frequently, with tubular invaginations of the sarcolemma known as transverse tubules.’
    • ‘Structural abnormalities included loss of lateral alignment of myofibrils, perturbation of myofibril anchorage to the sarcolemma, abnormal mitochondrial number and organization, and loss of nuclear shape and positioning.’
    • ‘The newborn larvae migrate from the host's blood vessels through the sarcolemma of striated muscle tissue, where they penetrate and encyst inside an individual muscle cell.’
    covering, cover, case, casing, envelope, sleeve, wrapper
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Mid 19th century: from Greek sarx, sark- ‘flesh’ + lemma ‘husk’.