Definition of sarcoid in English:



  • [attributive] Relating to, denoting, or suffering from sarcoidosis.

    • ‘Immunocompetent cells infiltrating sarcoid lung have been evaluated by flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, immunohistochemical and molecular analysis, and functional assays.’
    • ‘For deterioration of ocular sarcoid lesions, seven patients (stage 1, n = 5 and stage 2, n = 2) needed a long period of corticosteroid therapy.’
    • ‘Total RNA was prepared from purified T lymphocytes obtained from patients with sarcoid T-cell alveolitis or normal T cells or purified alveolar macrophages from patients with active sarcoidosis and control subjects.’
    • ‘Somewhere between 34 and 50 percent of sarcoid patients are discovered this way.’
    • ‘Better understanding of this sarcoid inflammation is gradually leading to better care for the patient.’


  • 1A granuloma of the type present in sarcoidosis.

    • ‘Some breeds of horses are more prone to sarcoids, and of course, appaloosa was amongst that list.’
    • ‘Epithelial lining fluid from active sarcoids contained elevated levels of interleukin-18, interferon-gamma, and interleukin-12 compared with recovered patients and also contained significantly higher levels of endotoxin.’
    • ‘When sarcoids are removed, they have a high incidence of regrowing.’
    • ‘Some friends who have had experience with sarcoids on their own horses looked at my mare and said it looked like sarcoid to them.’
    1. 1.1The condition and symptoms of sarcoidosis.
      ‘tissues affected by sarcoid’
      • ‘Annular lesions may mimic those of granuloma annulare or sarcoid; however, the lesions of these granulomatous disorders lack the fine scale of lichen planus papules.’
      • ‘Pericardial sarcoid is rarely diagnosed pre-mortem and has only been diagnosed with tissue specimens.’
      • ‘Occasionally, rosacea may present with a granulomatous appearance that may be difficult to distinguish from facial sarcoid.’
      • ‘The granulomas in sarcoid tend to be larger, more numerous, and more well formed than in PBC.’
      • ‘The lungs are involved in more than 90 percent of patients, with sarcoid usually presenting as interstitial disease.’


Mid 19th century (in the sense resembling flesh): from Greek sarx, sark- flesh + -oid.