Definition of sarcastically in US English:



  • In an ironic way intended to mock or convey contempt.

    ‘"Great. Just great," I sarcastically remarked’
    ‘Lizzy laughed sarcastically at Charles's comment’
    • ‘He sarcastically described the Court as the wrong place to rewrite laws.’
    • ‘It is not really good advice, and is probably even meant sarcastically.’
    • ‘A dog might sarcastically wag its tail to express disapproval of being served kibble yet again.’
    • ‘One professor sarcastically told her that her chances at success were slim.’
    • ‘It's much better to allude to these things sarcastically without saying what you actually mean.’
    • ‘We can imagine Times staffers sarcastically asking where the happy couple is registered.’
    • ‘"How kind of you," I mutter sarcastically.’
    • ‘Her mother sarcastically assured the social worker she would keep an eye on her daughter.’
    • ‘She sarcastically aspires to get an awful job in an abattoir, marry a horrible bloke, and churn out loads of kids.’
    • ‘I'd rather you give your thoughts sarcastically than not at all.’