Definition of sarangi in US English:



  • An Indian bowed musical instrument about two feet high, with three or four main strings and up to thirty-five sympathetic strings.

    • ‘One is by pulling the string, as in the sitar, and the other is by gliding the fingers as in the sarangi or sarod.’
    • ‘An unusually stringed instrument, the sarangi is being forced into oblivion because of lack of interest.’
    • ‘He coaxes timbres out of them that sound similar to Indian instruments such as the sitar, sarod, sarangi and veena.’
    • ‘This album lacks for not a single beat and the sounds of tabla, sarangi and synth are heightened to the max.’
    • ‘The sarangi is the most widely played musical instrument in Nepal.’


From Hindi sāraṅgī.