Definition of santoor in US English:


(also santour)


  • An Indian musical instrument like a dulcimer, played by striking with a pair of small, spoon-shaped wooden hammers.

    • ‘With special emphasis being laid on giving equal importance to all instruments, the festival will showcase the various forms of classical Indian instruments like flute, sitar, sarod and santoor.’
    • ‘The sounds of the flute, the santoor and the tabla will bring alive the India classical traditions like never before.’
    • ‘I am familiar with the tabla, sitar, santoor and the Indian flute.’
    • ‘He also plays the sitar, the santoor and guitar.’
    • ‘I have spent a lot of time in Kashmir during my childhood and grown up admiring the musical notes of santoor as my father played the instrument.’


From Arabic sanṭīr, alteration of Greek psaltērion ‘psaltery’.