Definition of Sanskritist in US English:



  • See Sanskrit

    • ‘His statement was printed in 1890 in the famous edition of Rigveda edited by the German Sanskritist.’
    • ‘His works which were translated in 1879 in French and appeared in the Annales d' Extreme Orient had a tremendous impact in France and produced in its wake a team of French Sanskritists.’
    • ‘Raja, a scholarly Sanskritist, wrote determinedly of the need to make an Indian English for himself, and his Kanthapura has been much praised.’
    • ‘Several Tamil and Malayali Sanskritists recite it with aplomb and attribute it to Rama who is supposed to have responded in these words to Lakshmana when requested to stay on in Lanka, the city-of-gold, instead of returning to Ayodhya.’
    • ‘The new member of the gang was later scolded by the daughter of a renowned scholar and Sanskritist.’