Definition of Sanskritic in US English:



  • See Sanskrit

    • ‘Only male priests can make this offering in the Sanskritic temple context but women have retained this important right in the Dravidian, non-Sanskritic rituals.’
    • ‘It activates the structural neatness of the Sanskritic Bengali alphabet for the teacher and the child, and undermines rote learning by encouraging the teacher to jumble the structure in course of teaching at the same time.’
    • ‘The total lack of historical sense is so characteristic, the whole source of Sanskritic literature is darkened by the shadow of this defect, suffering as it does from an entire absence of exact chronology.’
    • ‘In the past, old elites bent on ‘improvement’ often chose to write their newspapers in ornate language and Sanskritic or classical styles, what they regarded as ‘fine prose’.’
    • ‘Rasa can mean mood or feeling in Sanskritic languages, and mudra can be meaningful hand gesture.’