Definition of sandpapery in US English:



  • See sandpaper

    • ‘Root-hardy almond verbena has sandpapery foliage and produces fingerlike clusters of small white almond-scented flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.’
    • ‘Covered in sandpapery skin smeared with copious amounts of mucus, the Mola mola, or giant ocean sunfish, grows up to 10 feet long and can weigh over 5,000 pounds.’
    • ‘They seem almost supernaturally attuned to each other on this piece, contrasting hollow-sounding beats with sandpapery scrapes.’
    • ‘Silver-colored, the molas have a rounded hind end and gritty sandpapery skin that is covered with copious amounts of mucus.’
    • ‘Fortunately, a group called Act Right Initiative Campaign has been formed to change the attitude of students for the better and lessen the sandpapery relationship between students and authorities.’