Definition of sandlot in US English:



North American
  • 1A piece of unoccupied land used by children for games.

    • ‘‘We spent so much time on the sandlots,’ he said.’
    • ‘Left to wander the streets of his native San Diego alone, the boy learned baseball on the sandlots at an early age.’
    • ‘He came straight off the sandlots of Baltimore to become one of the game's great right fielders.’
    • ‘No one could have predicted it on the Central Area sandlots of Seattle, but that made it even more fun.’
    • ‘It was on the sandlots outside Los Angeles that he began calling the gadget plays the Eagles are known for.’
    • ‘In the remake of the 1976 sandlot classic Bad News Bears, he doubles the ‘anti’ in his anti-hero.’
    • ‘‘We heard something, but not much,’ he said in 1998 who was a Jackson pupil from the sandlots who played three years for the Class-A Greenville Spinners.’
    • ‘Staging in the round on a sandlot is problematic; the battle scenes, though weird enough, fall flat.’
    • ‘Kids aren't just spending their time tossing a baseball on the local sandlots or skateboarding across the pavement near your business.’
    • ‘His legend began to take shape as a junior high basketball and baseball star and on the sandlots around Pahokee.’
    • ‘The story follows him from his childhood in Alabama, where he first started playing baseball in sandlots, to his play in the Negro Leagues.’
    • ‘So he learned more about sports on sandlots than in the gym.’
    • ‘And here I was, 27 years old, but at heart still that kid on the sandlots of Cuba, starting in the outfield of the Cleveland Indians.’
    • ‘This is not because girls were not encouraged to trot to the sandlot along with their kid brothers, or because coaches think they will do better in a beauty pageant than the pro draft.’
    • ‘Desiring to meet new friends, Scotty takes up with a group of boys whose sole purpose in life is to play baseball out in the local sandlot.’
    • ‘Others wanted more attention paid to the minor leagues, school ball, Little League, and the sandlot.’
    • ‘From the sandlots to the shrine: for John and the rest of the Class of 2002, the call to the Hall is the culmination of boyhood dreams - Hall of Fame Induction Preview’
    • ‘He was 17 when the Expos acquired the high school dropout off the Dominican sandlots in March 1993.’
    • ‘He didn't play baseball beyond the Bronx sandlots, though he allows that as a senior at Long Island University, wearing his sandlot uniform because LIU had no money for uniforms, ‘I did pitch batting practice.’’
    • ‘Before Volunteer Stadium was built in 2001, teams wanting to play extra hardball were taken to sandlots around town to thump local Little Leaguers.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting or relating to sports played by amateurs.
      ‘sandlot baseball’
      • ‘These thoughts are not reserved solely for the sandlot candidates but the minor league ones as well.’
      • ‘Your father's summer vacation may have involved afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a creek.’
      • ‘I was playing sandlot ball in Pasadena when a White Sox scout, spotted me, and, signed me to my first pro contract.’
      • ‘He was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, but grew up in New York City, where he played sandlot baseball.’
      • ‘‘A comedy of errors and unfortunate circumstances,’ he recalled, ‘combined to make a sandlot affair of what should have been the greatest basketball tournament ever.’’
      • ‘Opinions around the league do vary, but there are teams that are enamored with his sandlot football, feel-no-pressure demeanor.’
      • ‘He grew up playing soccer and sandlot baseball after spending mornings baking bread in his grandfather's bakery.’
      • ‘He was pitching for Mike's Diner in Class B sandlot baseball when he was signed by a Boston Red Sox scout, receiving a $500 bonus.’
      • ‘He was known to come home from work at his liquor store, stop off at a nearby field and pitch to both sides of a sandlot game.’
      • ‘Within a year or so, he went from sandlot dreamer to bench warmer to league most valuable player.’
      • ‘During the sandlot days of the Depression he kept us supplied with scuffed baseballs, huge scarred bats, and other equipment from the Tigers' surplus.’
      • ‘We also learn that the magnanimity hinted at in the sandlot baseball incident-when he is delighted rather than angered by the solecism spoken by Coyle's cousin-was alive and well in him as a young adult.’
      • ‘What he does remember is a sandlot baseball game perhaps forty years in the past, particularly the mesmerizing colloquial speech of Coyle's cousin.’
      • ‘This is a bit like a little league coach claiming he is ‘not enough of a hitter’ to play a game of sandlot ball.’
      • ‘As the son of a semipro athlete who played sandlot baseball and football into his early 40's, he came by that blocky, unbreakable body by way of genetic inheritance.’
      • ‘Young Troy hits a homer to win the sandlot game and says his heart belongs to the Dodgers and Ebbets Field.’
      • ‘You can forget the sandlot myth that a batter must ‘break his wrists’ (whatever that means) to determine a swing.’
      • ‘Today, you'll find them with controller in hand, glued to the TV, stealing bases and smacking home runs on the hand-held video version of the old sandlot standby.’
      • ‘‘When we were kids, everybody played a lot of sandlot ball,’ said the director of the Babe Ruth Museum.’
      • ‘The organizers of sandlot ball games are not the only ones with an interest in efficient partitioning.’