Definition of sandhill crane in US English:

sandhill crane


  • A chiefly migratory North American crane with grayish plumage and a red crown.

    Grus canadensis, family Gruidae

    • ‘From here, immense flocks of snow geese, sandhill cranes, and other waterfowl may be seen, having safely made the journey to their winter home, sheltered by the timeless cottonwoods.’
    • ‘The refuge is also an important migration stopover point for many northern nesters, including shorebircls, white-fronted geese, arid sandhill cranes.’
    • ‘He followed the sandhill cranes in 2001 and the whooping cranes on their journey north the following year.’
    • ‘A $7 Texas migratory bird hunting stamp, plus a valid hunting license, will be required of persons hunting any migratory game bird, including ducks, geese, doves, sandhill crane, woodcock, etc.’
    • ‘Previous research with Canada geese and sandhill cranes has shown that birds led south by ultralight return the next spring.’
    • ‘Vast flocks of Canada geese, sandhill cranes, snow geese, and shorebirds make this look like a nature movie.’
    • ‘Today, fewer than 200 whoopers survive in the wild, most migrating with sandhill cranes between Canada and Texas.’
    • ‘With the Mississippi sandhill crane breeding facility in operation for seven years, the Audubon facility has proven that dwindling crane populations can be boosted through a combination of artificial insemination and hand-rearing.’
    • ‘I don't know if we're going to do the Rivers and Wildlife Celebration but we will get out for some sandhill crane and snow goose action.’
    • ‘The arrow indicates the band corresponding to the crane sex-linked DNA fragment, which has a size of 421 bp in whooping crane and hooded crane and 424 bp in sandhill crane.’
    • ‘I ended up seeing over 70 species and the highlights include a sandhill crane pair feeding along a road in farm field, a flock of male bobolinks competing with each other and of course an indigo bunting feeding below the finch feeders.’
    • ‘It contains historic wetlands that could be restored to provide important habitat for sandhill crane nesting and foraging as well as Oregon spotted frog breeding habitat.’
    • ‘The ‘Marshland Elegy’ chapter of Sand County ends with an epitaph to the sandhill crane.’
    • ‘Last night I heard a sandhill crane; Mary has already seen some.’
    • ‘She's also hoping to prevent the establishment of hunting seasons on mourning doves, sandhill cranes, and wolves.’
    • ‘It is fascinating to watch for and to listen for each returning bird species, like sandhill cranes and robins, with their very distinct sound.’
    • ‘The latter initiative is expected to restore 250,000 acres of habitat for species such as upland ducks, pheasants and sandhill cranes.’
    • ‘Two species are native to North America, the whooping crane and the sandhill crane (G. canadensis).’
    • ‘The skies are quiet except for the occasional sandhill crane and its raucous cries.’
    • ‘On a wing and a prayer - human-led migration of sandhill cranes to be expanded to include whooping cranes’


sandhill crane

/ˈsandˌhil ˌkrān/