Definition of sandbox in English:



  • 1North American A shallow box or hollow in the ground partly filled with sand for children to play in.

    • ‘There's free candy and leis, we're gonna have a hula-hoop competition and sandboxes so people can make sand castles.’
    • ‘It's especially important to be watchful for these signs if your child often plays with pet dogs or cats, visits public parks, plays in sandboxes, or likes to put things in his or her mouth.’
    • ‘Keep your child's outdoor sandbox covered, especially overnight, to prevent wandering cats from using it as a litter box.’
    • ‘These may include wood for building, sandboxes, watering cans, shovels, and pots for playing outdoors; dolls made of natural fibers and toys of wood and cloth for indoors.’
    • ‘Our neighborhood artist was still bringing his three dogs to relieve themselves in the kids' sandbox at the base of our building.’
    • ‘Once the kids outgrow the sandbox, its location will be ideal for a shade tree and flower bed.’
    • ‘She watched a few kids play in the sandboxes, and young couples kiss under trees as well as old couples walking around with an indescribable air of understanding.’
    • ‘Experimenting with different mixtures, engineers and scientists came up with a recipe that includes play sand for children's sandboxes, diatomaceous earth for swimming pool filters and mortar clay powder.’
    • ‘Because the parasite can live in soil and sand, cover your sandboxes so dogs and cats aren't tempted to relieve themselves there.’
    • ‘There is a pretty neat sandbox and slide near me too.’
    • ‘The architects created a playground in the air, with play equipment, benches, a sandbox, a small bathroom, and a little bit of green with a postage-stamp lawn and some small potted trees.’
    • ‘A swing set was purchased at an auction, and the area features a Little Tykes slide, picnic table, and sandbox.’
    • ‘Angular poles resemble trees and there are cylinders, a tyre swing, and large sandbox, picturesquely arrayed like a series of exhibits in a sculpture garden.’
    • ‘Ordering sand for your kid's sandbox would be risky business.’
    • ‘There were pictures of the two of them playing in a sandbox with sand all over them, another one when they were a little older with helmets in their arms, and leaning on their bikes, and another one of them playing basketball.’
    • ‘We take kids to our playground, which has swings and sandboxes that are accessible to wheelchairs and gurneys.’
    • ‘Cover children's sandboxes when no one is playing in them.’
    • ‘This particular playground was a grass-covered space of over 8000 square meters, and included a zoo, a wading pool, a botanical garden, slides, seesaws, sandboxes, and a sumo wrestling ring.’
    • ‘Our most popular incorporates a club house, jungle gym, slide, tire swing and sandbox, and covers an area of up to ten by 12-feet.’
    • ‘They usually consisted of cast-iron swings, slides, seesaws, Junglegyms, giant-strides, and merry-go-rounds and sandboxes for young children.’
  • 2Computing
    A virtual space in which new or untested software can be run securely.

    • ‘No website owner in their right mind will ‘like’ Google's sandbox.’
    • ‘A version of the search engine has been accessible for some time through Microsoft's sandbox site here.’
    • ‘Halfhill also notes that the Cell's architecture is more flexible than Java's sandboxes, because a software cell can encapsulate several processes, or part of a single process.’
    • ‘I spent a few minutes in a sandbox Thomas made available and the system seems cleanly designed, easy to ‘get’, and flexible.’
    • ‘User-Mode Linux allows you to build running Linux systems within Linux systems for use as sandboxes or virtual servers.’
  • 3historical A perforated container for sprinkling sand on to wet ink in order to dry it.

    • ‘Until some time in the Victorian era, the sandbox was a common item on writing desks.’
  • 4A tropical American tree whose seed cases were formerly used to hold sand for blotting ink.

    • ‘Sometimes strong emetics, such as the seed of the sandbox tree, were used to bring on menstruation.’
    • ‘The drive must negotiate a narrow fairway between clammy cherry, sour-sop and African sandbox trees, which are known on Nevis as monkey no go round trees because of the bark's thorns.’