Definition of sandbank in US English:



  • A deposit of sand forming a shallow area in the sea or a river.

    • ‘And when ‘idiots’ came driving by in 4-wheel drives, the waves they created could splash into the home but for the sandbanks he laid in front of the door.’
    • ‘The remains of the boat have been submerged in a sandbank in the Princes Channel area of the estuary, 15 miles from Shoebury, since the 1570s.’
    • ‘The sandbank area could accommodate up to 200 turbine bases, and the construction project will create an anticipated 420 new jobs.’
    • ‘The ships could not hang about off the treacherous sandbanks of the river mouth in winds from that quarter.’
    • ‘Above the direct destruction, enormous quantities of mud was moved by floodwaters and landslides, entire hilltops changing places, and rivers changing course, shifting sandbanks.’
    • ‘Natural deterrents against sea erosion (mangroves, sandbanks, reefs etc.) have been depleted to such extents that their revival cannot be considered a viable plan to counter sea disasters.’
    • ‘His body was found yesterday morning by his son-in-law in an area of sandbanks and mud flats about a mile from the high water mark at Bardsea, near Ulverston.’
    • ‘In fact, many people, including myself, don't know how the sandbank in the area was created, and about its great influence upon the geology and tidal patterns of the region.’
    • ‘If it had been caught in a strong gust it could have been driven onto one of the sandbanks.’
    • ‘I know now, that the place names in shipping forecasts are usually sandbanks, river estuaries, and those types of things.’
    • ‘Shoal water is an area made shallow by a sandbank or sandbar.’
    • ‘For centuries the efforts of man and nature have created a series of shifting offshore sandbanks and coastal dunes.’
    • ‘They were rammed up against rows of oak posts - first found during earlier excavations in 1981-which once formed either a jetty, or a causeway to a sandbank in the middle of the river.’
    • ‘For a moment, I envisage us grating across a coral reef, or running aground on a sandbank.’
    • ‘Fifty miles southwest of the town on a tiny island in the delta, lies the Adziogol Lighthouse, an important beacon for ships navigating the tangle of sandbanks.’
    • ‘The deep channel often had a strong current but we still persevered (maybe a little recklessly) and swam out to the sandbanks to join the seals who basked there.’
    • ‘He claims the construction of a pier led directly to the formation to the sandbank in a designated safe swimming area.’
    • ‘The new hovercraft, designed to be used on mud and sandbanks as well as shallow water, was unveiled at the RNLI lifeboat station in Morecambe, Lancashire.’
    • ‘But the facts were that he alleged that Council was negligent because they had placed the flags at a location that was inappropriate, because there were sandbanks there.’
    • ‘Afterwards they allowed us to sling our hammocks in one of their thatched shelters while they all went down to sleep on sandbanks by the river.’
    shoal, bar, sandbar, spit
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