Definition of sand flea in US English:

sand flea


  • 1

    another term for chigoe
    • ‘The tiny little spots are sand fleas trying to dig their way into his skin.’
    • ‘Tungiasis (penetration of the skin by sand fleas) is widespread in tropical Africa, especially West Africa, including Madagascar.’
  • 2

    another term for beach flea
    • ‘He told me that I was a sissy for hating the sand fleas on the beach.’
    • ‘Restlessly sleeping among swarming sand fleas, I'm awakened by ‘Gabilan’, who points to a sky filled with thousands of stars and dozens of streaks of light.’
    • ‘True, the Lakes' shores lacked the sand fleas that infested ocean beaches and scared off those who couldn't tell them apart from lice.’
    • ‘Other times it can be like sitting in a hornets' nest with sand fleas up your nose.’
    • ‘Despite balmy temperatures, you'll need to pack pants, long-sleeved shirts, and, yes, even socks, to fend off the hordes of biting sand fleas and midges on the Tuichi River.’
    • ‘Although I have not subjected myself to all of these, the label says that Repel disgusts chiggers, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and sand fleas.’
    • ‘The reason I had seen the sand fleas always hopping whenever I approached them was because I was approaching them.’
    • ‘Actually his worst encounter wound up being with sand fleas on the beach of a ‘tropical paradise,’ but as he said while looking at the pictures of dense green foliage and obvious humidity, ‘You expect to see Tarzan come swinging by.’’
    • ‘Maybe a target audience of desert dwelling sand fleas would warm to this crazy mix of faux comedy with karate chops.’
    • ‘Their latest CD, Beach Blanket Bedlam, packs a punch with high-energy, oddball odes to sand fleas and doomed hoodlums.’
    • ‘Soldiers slept in tents and had no running water or dining facility, used burn-out latrines, and endured sand fleas, crickets, and extreme heat.’
    • ‘Selecting the right memento of your service will lead to years of pleasant memories, something to be remembered long after the sand flea bites heal.’
    • ‘Thick in the middle of the World Wars, segueing at the moment from the First to the Second, we have a week with nothing better to do but paddle out to catch dinner, keep the sand fleas out of the tent… and game.’


sand flea

/ˈsan(d) ˌflē/