Definition of sand filter in US English:

sand filter


  • A filter used in water purification and consisting of layers of sand arranged with coarseness of texture increasing downward.

    • ‘Trickling filters and sand filters provide adequate treatment with low energy and minimal labor requirements.’
    • ‘The septic tank effluent and 33% of the sand filter effluent are mixed in a recirculation tank and applied in 12 doses per day at 10 minutes per dose.’
    • ‘Rest the sand bed for four months or treat the bottom layer of the sand filter with hydrogen peroxide, delivered up through the discharge pipe to oxidize the iron sulfide crust.’
    • ‘‘From Canada's perspective, if they're talking about adding a sand filter to give themselves an additional comfort level, then it seems to me, maybe they should be offering to cover that cost,’ he said.’
    • ‘We're planning to house it in the former sand filter building which, because of the new processes, is no longer required.’
    • ‘The water then moves through one of 14 sand filters.’
    • ‘A letter from Severn Trent informed the meeting that a large sand filter was due to be installed temporarily on its sewage treatment site until June / July 2005 and the council was requested to notify villagers.’
    • ‘In the NEF test, a 25 mm thick layer of the core material (the base soil) is compacted in a 100 mm diameter steel mould, above the layer of the sand filter to be tested (the test filter).’
    • ‘The sand filter removes most of the suspended particles and toxic chemicals - and some of the living organisms (most notably the minnows).’
    • ‘Water from the mains supply at a factory in Kent is passed through three filters, a sand filter, carbon filter and a micron filter.’
    • ‘No food was added, so the mussels could only feed on developing bacteria and particles that passed through the sand filter.’
    • ‘Water dripping from the net into the gutter runs through a sand filter and is then emptied into a tipping bucket.’
    • ‘Chlorination and Filter Chlorination followed by filtration through a sand filter can remove any quantity of iron in any form.’
    • ‘It is also passed through sand filter, activated carbon filter and cartridge filter.’
    • ‘In August, the operations manager for this particular camp asked us to make a site visit during the camp season to look at their sewage sand filter and offer an assessment.’
    • ‘The second filter is a slow sand filter with grains of 250 microns.’
    • ‘A sand filter is a gravel-filled hole in the ground, lined with a watertight membrane, which purifies the septic tank effluent before it goes to the drainfield.’
    • ‘Consider installing a screen or sand filter at the faucet, especially if you suspect your water may contain algae, sediment or other debris that could plug your drip lines.’
    • ‘We clean drinking water by sand filters and ultraviolet treatment.’
    • ‘The sand filter must be backflushed regularly and treated with potassium permanganate to maintain the coating.’