Definition of sand dab in US English:

sand dab


  • 1A small flatfish which is found in the Pacific coastal waters of America, important in many places as food or game fish.

    Genus Citharichthys, family Bothidae: several species

    • ‘Two other species of sand dab are found in California but are of minor importance.’
    • ‘Chapter One starts with oysters, mussels and clams and subsequent chapters visit herring and shad, sablefish and butterfish, mahi mahi, halibut and sand dabs.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for windowpane (sense 2)
      • ‘Many gadoid species, such as cod, haddock, silver hake, sand dabs, and witch flounder breed on Stellwagen Bank (or in nearshore coastal waters), but not over deeper Gulf waters.’