Definition of sand crab in US English:

sand crab


  • A crab that lives on or burrows in sand, especially one related to fiddler and ghost crabs.

    Genus Uca, family Ocypodidae

    • ‘The acanthocephalan worm normally completes its life cycle when the sand crab is eaten by a shorebird.’
    • ‘We dig for sand crabs, boogie-board, have a sandcastle-building contest and always seem to find cute guys who want to play Frisbee with us.’
    • ‘As we walked large white sand crabs scuttled away to their holes, whiskers waving.’
    • ‘Professional and recreational fishermen and crabbers are the worst offenders, attracted to the large fish and sand crab populations found in the area.’
    • ‘Taking a Quaker stewardship view of nature, Douglas loved creatures of the wild, from the low-slung sand crab to the stilted seabird.’