Definition of sanctimoniousness in US English:



  • See sanctimonious

    • ‘The Anglican Consultative Council has issued a statement on the divestment controversy which achieves a truly egregious conflation of sanctimoniousness, disingenuousness and sheer moral humbug.’
    • ‘Finally, this whole business of one man's sanctimoniousness over the issue of ‘walking’ is threatening to get out of hand.’
    • ‘Having stayed in this land of elephants and snake charmers for twenty years now, I've become used to this inane exposition of sanctimoniousness.’
    • ‘After the stifling incense-choked sanctimoniousness of American politics, getting back to Britain was like coming up for air.’
    • ‘Yet he said, with a Kafkaesque sanctimoniousness, that he had promised his mother he would make it through to this trial so that he could tell the truth to the parents about their daughters' deaths.’