Definition of sanctimoniously in US English:



  • See sanctimonious

    • ‘Some of the explorers died during subsequent skirmishes, but in nothing like the numbers of the natives who suffered from introduced scourges like syphilis, which the French and the British always sanctimoniously blamed on each other.’
    • ‘The newspaper sanctimoniously condemned the slightest failure on the part of the White House to divulge details of the president's sex life or to produce documents on a 20-year-old failed real estate investment.’
    • ‘Once it had been leaked from supposedly sealed court documents, news agencies were duty-bound, sanctimoniously holding their noses, to put the Vaseline story into the public domain.’
    • ‘But bearing witness risks being a self-regarding gesture aimed at sanctimoniously demonstrating one's moral superiority - akin to the self-regarding ‘innocence’ of Bertolucci's protagonists.’
    • ‘Certainly, Democrats don't own morality, either, but Republicans can't act sanctimoniously on the one hand while brushing aside hypocrisy on the other.’