Definition of sancoche in US English:


(also sancocho)


  • (in South America and the Caribbean) a thick soup consisting of meat and root vegetables.

    • ‘Another favorite dish is sancocho, a meat, plantain, and vegetable stew.’
    • ‘Another favorite dish is sancocho, a stew made with local meats and vegetables, often including plantains.’
    • ‘Two popular dishes are sancocho - a soup made with meat and vegetables, and tazajo - ox meat beaten thin and grilled and covered with a tomato sauce.’
    • ‘Another dish served during religious holidays is pasteles, while along the coast, people eat sancocho, a fish or chicken stew.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, substantial stews and soups called sancocho or ajiaco, as in Colombia, are common.’


From Latin American Spanish sancocho ‘a stew’.