Definition of sampling frame in US English:

sampling frame


  • A list of the items or people forming a population from which a sample is taken.

    • ‘The populations are represented by the sampling frames used to list and count potential members of the population, and thus the populations are subject to different types and levels of coverage error.’
    • ‘For both groups, the sampling frame was the population of English-speaking adults residing in households with telephones in the 48 contiguous states.’
    • ‘As over 95% of the United Kingdom population are registered with a general practitioner, this provided a convenient sampling frame for the local population.’
    • ‘To do this, we divided the total population in the 11 camps by 30 to provide a sampling interval, and then built a sampling frame consisting of a list of the camps with a running total of their cumulative population size.’
    • ‘We used the National Population Register as the sampling frame.’